The Skeena Knowledge Trust (SKT) is a Canadian registered charitable organization formed on September 21, 2017. It is the result of a multi-year collaborative effort between the Bulkley Valley Research Centre, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, the Province of British Columbia, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Skeena First Nations.

The idea of the SKT was born from the need to know what salmon ecosystem information exists in the watershed and how it is changing. The main focus of the SKT is to build and maintain the Skeena Salmon Data Centre, a comprehensive source of information on wild Pacific salmonids including water quality, habitat and population data.

Our goal is to improve land use decisions by providing a common platform that collects, preserves and presents information relevant to salmon ecosystems within the Skeena watershed.

The contents of the SKT's Skeena Salmon Data Centre are available to the public, First Nations, non-profit organizations, industry, federal, provincial and municipal governments (within any limits that owners of data and intellectual property may place on data access and use).